2015 was the year I was too busy to take photos and the year when the doctor cut my eye open to give me a cyborg lens.


2014 was the year I did an artist residency in the Northeast and wore a crow mask for science.


2013 was the year I left Boulder to move to Seattle, Washington. It was also the year that decided to shoot fewer photos so that I could focus on podcasting.


2012 was the year I moved to Boulder, Colorado and started Here Be Monsters--a podcast about everything I'm afraid of.


2011 was the year that I graduated college and decided to hitchhike across America.


2010 was the year that I spent a lot of time walking in the fog.


2009 was the year I began taking my studies very seriously and got my first job in radio.


2008 was the year that I got my first girlfriend. It was also the year that I started exploring Bellingham, Washington in earnest.


2007 was the year I transitioned from high school in a small city to college in a slightly bigger city. It was the first year that I had my own camera.