Spokane to Missoula

Missoula, Montana

In the back of a truck

Hike to "Big Ass Cave"

Yellowstone Landscapes

Yellowstone Photographers

Through the Tetons to Nebraska

Kearney, Nebraska

Truman and I visit a Museum

Lincoln, Nebraska

Kansas City, Missouri

Saint Louis, Missouri

Joel and Lloyd

Opening the Door to a truck stop in Missouri


Starting the Journey Home

Joining the Carnival

Wichita, Kansas

Sleeping in a Cemetary

Denver, Colorado

Shaky Molars Promo

Boulder, Colorado

26 hours on a bus to California

Humboldt County, California

My First View of the Ocean

Journey to the Redwoods

Sleeping in a Redwood Grove

Portland back to Bellingham


About this project:

In 2011, I hitchhiked across America collecting photographs and audio of the places and people I met.
The 400+ photographs and two dozen audio recordings here were rescued from from an old website that I built to house the project.
Here it lives on in a form that's very close to its original format--I think you'll like it.

Jeff (from the future)

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